The myth of divorce as the way to solve all your problems

by CTW

My parents divorced when I was 9...

...and proceeded to continue to fight with one another for my entire childhood and into my adult life.

My own marriage also ended in divorce, and yet the conflict has continued for the past 12 years and is likely to continue at least until the youngest child is out of college.

And then, even when the overt conflict has ceased, the negative impact of divorce remains.

My experiences demonstrate that divorce, billed as a way to solve all your problems, merely exchanges one set of horrible problems for a completely different but equally horrible set of problems.

Note that I'm not referring to divorces that were done in order to end violent, abusive marriages, or marriages that were unsafe or damaging. Obviously, divorce in those situations may be the lesser of two evils. I'm referring to the vast majority of divorces that are done for lesser reasons.

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Jan 21, 2017
Thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your divorce story. I relate to much of it. Praying for peace for you, me, and all who've shared our stories on this site.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Ludie Printup

I am no longer certain where you're getting your information, but good topic.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Angelika Zon

They're really convincing and will certainly work.

Jun 29, 2014
The trend can stop
by: Cindy

My parents who met and married in 1948 were from broken homes (the term for divorced used in those days). My parents made a commitment to one another to never, ever put their children through a divorce. Their marriage was at times rocky but we girls never doubted their love and commitment to each other.

Sadly, my two sisters are on their third marriage. (Proving that third time is a charm!) My husband and I will be married 35 years in July. I laughingly but truthfully can say that we could have divorced several times. Thank God we did not.

Our children have benefited from our staying together and so have we! We just shared the birth of our first grandchild. We are in love and feeling very much like the twenty-something's we were when we first met and fell in love. Feeling blessed that our love was "evergreen"!

Jun 24, 2014
my story too
by: Anonymous

Divorce has been a generational problem in my family. My grandparents, parents and myself all divorced. The latest casualty in this sad story is my daughter, who is also divorced now. My daughter and I tell people, you only trade one
set of problems for another, when friends or family consider getting a divorce. In my case, it is very hard for me to trust and have decided to remain single. More time and energy should
be spent in knowing and understanding what marriage really means.

Also, one should take the time to really know who the person is that you are marrying. Sounds like common sense but, common sense is not very common these days.

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