Sexual Revolution and
the Marriage Ecosystem

The beginnings of the sexual revolution are generally associated with the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, but its roots can be traced as far back as the Enlightenment. Contraception is closely aligned with the it; indeed, we could argue that it would not have been possible without contraception.

It resulted in the relaxation of standards and mores regarding sexual conduct, and as a result was very harmful to the marriage ecosystem. Young people today are shocked to learn that there used to be a time when one's sexual conduct was not so strongly associated with one's status or personality as it is today. Young people are also shocked to learn that marriage used to be "for life," that there was no such thing as "no fault divorce," and that couples had to "show cause" in order to get divorced. These effects, as well as many others, are outcomes of this destructive "revolution."

Here at the Ruth Institute, we believe that the phrase "sexual revolution" is an accurate one. Revolution is generally associated with war, and there are untold "casualties" from this "revolution," such as the untold number of children harmed by divorce; the 25 million abortions performed since 1973 (in the United States alone); the children harmed by being raised without their fathers; the economic impact of the state stepping in to clean up the mess left by people's sexual choices; as well as many other ill effects that we will explore in these pages. War is always harmful to any ecosystem, and this "revolution" was, and still is, quite destructive to the marriage ecosystem.

On these pages you will find articles from many respected authors in the marriage movement, such as W. Bradford Wilcox, Maggie Gallagher, William C. Duncan, and a host of other authors.

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