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No fault divorce. Many people understand that divorce is a problem, but they may not understand WHY.

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The late 1960s ushered in a new era for marriage. Prior to this time, people had to "show cause" or "show fault" in order to get a divorce, which means that they had to have a very good reason to get divorced. The reasons had to be very compelling, such as:

  • One spouse cheating on the other spouse.
  • One spouse being very abusive towards the other.
  • One spouse abandoning the other.

If the spouse being cheated on, abused, or abandoned wanted a divorce, it would usually be granted. One of these harsh circumstances HAD to be present in order to obtain a divorce. So, for example, if one of the spouses "fell out of love" this would not be reason to obtain a divorce. The marriages we see on TV these days, such as what happened with Kim Kardashian in 2011, would never have been granted a divorce under the old system. Marriage truly was for life. The government recognized this and supported it. This system forced people to be very careful about who they married in the first place - they knew they'd be with the person for life so they were more careful with their choices.

Because the old system was so strict, occasionally people would be so unhappy in their marriages that they would lie on their divorce papers to get a divorce. One spouse might accuse the other of adultery, even though it wasn't true. People in the government thought the lying should stop, so they had idea to remove the requirement to "show fault." They though this simple change would stop the lying. It did. Unfortunately it also opened the floodgates and made it far easier to get divorced. The divorce rate skyrocketed, which caused much harm to the children involved.

This legal change became known as "no fault divorce." It's a definite change in the definition of marriage because it removes the permanent part of marriage. It is only one such change, however. Same sex marriage is another. No fault divorce removed the permanence of marriage, and same sex marriage will remove biology from how we define "parent," "mother," and "father." Biology and DNA will no longer be the basis for parenthood; parenthood will be defined by the state based on subjective factors.

We will explore no fault divorce more on these pages including case law and many interesting articles. Watch for updates.

Listen to Dr. J's podcasts on divorce:

(October 10, 2011) Elizabeth Marquardt speaks at the Conference for the Priests and Deacons of La Crosse, Wisconsin on divorce, donor-conceived persons, alternate family forms, and alienation. Listen here.

(September 16, 2011) Dr J appears on the Drew Mariani show to discuss Pat Robertson's recent pronouncement that contracting Alzheimer's is grounds for divorce--because it's "a kind of death." Listen here.

(June 6, 2011) Dr J hosts "From the Front Lines of the Culture War" on Catholic Radio of San Diego. Today she's interviewing Dr Warren Farrell, author of several books, including Father and Child Reunion. They're discussing divorce, viewed through the lens of fatherhood, and how different parenting styles can create friction in a divorce situation. Listen here.

(May 10, 2011) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss the baby boom generation's easy access and propensity to divorce (aka no fault divorce), and the way it changes how we approach marriage in the first place. Listen here.

(July 28, 2010) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss "grey divorce"--couples who divorce in later life after being married for a long time (decades). There's a lot of information out there on how to re-enter the singles scene and get on with your life, but why are these break-ups happening in the first place? Listen here.

August 3, 2010) The New York Times ran a piece on upper-middle-class married couples who have grown apart but choose to remain married for...convenience? Tax purposes? Inertia? This definitely isn't an ideal, but is it a bad thing? Dr J unpacks the idea and some of its ramifications. Listen here.

(July 6, 2010) Is divorce contagious? Can it matter to your marriage if your friends are getting divorced? According to a new study by Drs Rose McDermott, James H. Fowler, and Nicholas A. Christakis, the answer is yes. Dr J has some insights into why this is so. Listen here.

(April 20, 2010) The latest attempt to get same-sex marriage laws on the books ironically centers around the dissolution of same-sex relationships. In the state of Texas (Texas!), where SSM initiatives were rejected by a 3-1 margin at the voting booth, this tactic has surfaced. Dr J and Todd Wilken have more of the story. Listen here.

(March 26, 2010) The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the divorce rate is falling as the recession discourages couples from setting up separate households to deal with their differences. Since economic hardship usually nudges the divorce rate up, Dr J finds this very interesting. Listen here.

(March 9, 2010) The state of Oklahoma wants to lower its divorce rate, and its legislature is currently considering several ways to encourage couples to stay married (some of the solutions include preparation for marriage as well). Is this a good thing? When is it too much? Dr J has some insights and examples of what other states have done. Listen here.

Read more about No Fault Divorce here at

"Red Families v. Blue Families," by by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone. This book review by Dr. Morse explains how the effects of the sexual revolution (no fault divorce, birth control and abortion) harm the lower class.

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