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A marriage that should never have happened

My parents, a Catholic mother and Methodist father, eloped in July, 1958. Those were the first two mistakes of many in their 13-year marriage, which ended

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I will write you both sides my mums and my dads. Mum She started dating a man who lived in vic, right after she said she finished with her last boyfriend.

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No dad

Well I have issues with my happiness cause my parents are divorced it makes me feel incomplete or abnormal but that doesn't mean I am either of those things.

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The Negative Affects of Divorce Last For Years

My parents separated when I was 11, and divorced when I was 12. Their marriage leading up to the separation was very difficult. My mom found out about

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A Selfish "Mother"

My story started about 8 years ago. I'm 14 now just to give you some context. I used to live in a large 3 story house with my father being a pastor and

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Who i am

Their thunderous voices echoed throughout the houseā€”so intense that they made the floors and walls vibrate. My sister and I remained upstairs cowering

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the lonely one

Unlike a lot of people out there, i don't remember a time when my parents were ever together so a lot of you must think that its much easier cause that

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Mommy come back!

It started when I was 5. I remember hearing them fight scream while I cried trying to go to sleep. One night as I was asleep I heard some yelling outside

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The grass isn't always greener

When I was 13, my mom began an affair with an old boyfriend, who she ran into at a reunion. She eventually divorced my dad, and married him. My father

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Jumping Ship After Raising he Kids

My parents divorced after 29 years of marriage. Their children, including myself, were all over the age of 18. My mother said that she waited until we

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my story

my dad left when I was 7 that was the worst day of my life ever since I was a really unhappy and negative kid after a while like 2 years I found out that

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My childhood life

i am the first child and the first daughter of the family. I have other siblings; two little sister and a brother. Since I am in my mothers' womb i have

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Divorce for "unchastity", or so they claim...

When I was young I used to tell people that I was glad my parents weren't together. When probed further I could only fall back to the fact that I had hardly

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my parents divorced when i was 39

They had been married so long! They had three children and at that time, 21 grandchildren. It had been hard between them forever, but seemed to get worse

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Lost Identity

The earliest memory I have of my natural family is when I was two or three years old. I remember lying on my father's shirtless back while he did

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Legal Issues and a Lifetime of Stress

My parent's divorce could potentially be the cause of my depression, anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, and schizophrenia. Things got quite bad in a way you

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Trying to Outrun the Curse

My parents got divorced as I was entering high school. I generally say it hit my younger brother the hardest. I think that's just because his reaction

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Lifelong Grief

My divorce story begins with an image of my father, curled up underneath my baby bed while I slept, whispering a tearful goodbye. Later that night, he

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Dads new baby

When I was younger my biological mother thought she couldn't get pregnant until she got me. I'm the oldest if a younger sister (2 years ) and my biological

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3rd times a charm

My biological mother and father had only known each other 6 months when they had their shotgun wedding, which my mother was 5 months pregnant at. They

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Great Books on the Subject of Divorce and Children

I became a single parent of a 13 year old son and a ten year old daughter when my wife of 16 years decided to pursue a new life 400 miles away from our

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The cascade of generations of divorces

I am the child of multiple generations of multiple divorces. Both of my grandmothers, who were born around 1900, were divorced twice. My mother was divorced

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So it is My Fault

My mother left because she was not happy. It was a simple answer, but it changed how I saw myself and everything else consequently. She said she had me

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Too Bad They Didn't Realize This 40 Years Ago...

My parents divorced when I was 9 years old. I've written 2 brief reflections on my experiences and contributed them to this site:

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A Living Death

I was born late in 1964. Gen-X leaning late Boomer, I guess. My father had severe mental illness & self-medicating drug & alcohol abuse. From his mid-20s,

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Enemy of Children

First, I never knew my biological father. But the pain from that didn't come until later. My mom's husband was there for me from birth until age 8. He

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

My Experiences with Parental Alienation Syndrome I still remember standing at the top of a sloping gravel driveway. My sister stood beside me; I was uncertain

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Lives in ruination.

I was 8yo when I first found out my parents absolutely hated each other. They argued & fought late @ night after they thought we were asleep. Being

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The myth of divorce as the way to solve all your problems

My parents divorced when I was 9... ...and proceeded to continue to fight with one another for my entire childhood and into my adult life. My own marriage

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Just terrible

So when I was four months old, my mom go diagnosed with CML. My dad kept on going to New York for work. When he was working on a movie he had sex with

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I fear having a family so much that I probably won't

My parents were allegedly a common law marriage, but the state they lived in didn't recognize common law marriage at the time, so far as I can tell. They

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Their divorce nearly killed me

Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, the daughter of two yuppies, it seemed like I had everything. I was pretty sheltered, a shy child by nature and nurture.

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My Family Photo
Makes Me Feel Guilty

I have two photographs of my parents and me. One is a candid shot, in color, taken by my great grandfather right after I was born. My dad is holding me

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Makes Me Feel Guilty"

Divorce Never Ends For Children

Based on my personal experience, and what I've observed knowing dozens of people with divorced parents, it is my belief that there is no divorce that does

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What should I call this man?

I distinctly remember when I was 5, trying to figure out what to call the man my mom had married. I knew my dad was supposed to be called dad, but this

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How about great-grandchildren of divorce?

Nobody in my family has divorced for three generations. But my great-grandfather divorced his first wife and married my great-grandmother. His own son,

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No easy solution

My mom needed to divorce my dad. He had been physically abusive for years. Eventually he committed adultery. While my mother felt totally betrayed, there

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Light in the Storm

I remember watching from an upstairs bedroom window my father walking because my mother had tossed him out of the house. He had no where to go. I put my

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Hidden Pain

Life growing up was never easy for me. Maybe it was my sensitive temperament. I was shy, and a bit of a tomboy. Consequently, I was never popular in school.

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The Parents Move On, But the Children Suffer Forever....

I was born in 1967. My parents were on the cutting edge of society then. My mother had become a career woman in 1961, when my brother was an infant.

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Transvestite Father

I divorced my ex-husband because he was a transvestite, a pervert in many ways, and a drug user, and alcoholic. They are both well, happy, and productive

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2nd class citizen in my own family

I was the eldest child in step family situations on both sides. It was like being a second class citizen in my own family. On my mother's side, a new child

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The issues are legion

There are too many sufferings in my life to list. Two things I would say are: Divorce and one remarriage ruined every holiday family gathering for me

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Turned Out All Right?

My mom denies how painful the divorce was for my brothers and I. Once we grew up, she openly mocked the statistics demonstrating poorer outcomes for children

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when parents don't love each other

when parents don't love each other, they don't love each others family. when they don't love each other's family, they don't love the family of their child.

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Divorce for good reason

My father came home from a deployment and had found me (a toddler) bruised after being abused by my mother. He took me, and left, and ultimately gained

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Missing Father, Missing Time

I was fairly young when my parents divorced, six. It was rough on my brother and I. My dad kidnapped me and brought me to court. He asked me to lie about

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Gifts for them but not me

One time my step dad came home from a trip. We were all excited to see him, and he had some gifts. Two gifts, to be exact. One for my mother. One for

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No Fault Divorce and the Marriage Ecosystem

Learn how no fault divorce harms the marriage ecosystem.

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