by Laura

I will write you both sides my mums and my dads.


She started dating a man who lived in vic, right after she said she finished with her last boyfriend. I felt that she loved him more then me and my twin sibling, she was on her phone more then she talked to us in a day. She started visiting him in vic when my dad my brother and I went for holidays. My iPad was connected to her phone, photo wise, so I saw all her photos of her with him, it broke my heart. It has been going on for nearly a year.


He has never cheated until about July, his friends daughter came and babysitted us when my dad was working and my mum was on a holiday. The next day the girls mum said he paid her to much and would do us a favour. He said that she could pick us up from school when he was working. That night dad put us to bed and said that some of his friends were coming, including the girls mum. Let's just call the girls mum Kirsty. Only Kirsty came, me and my brother went to sleep, I didn't feel well so I went to find dad. I went up to his bedroom, right outside his door, I heard him and Kirsty inside. I tiptoed back to my room, and started to cry.

He started getting long texts and stuff from her, keeping it secret from us, I found out the password to his phone. And I know it is not right but looked at the texts, they included words like babe, one text said princess and he never ever called me that.

A month or so later I saw a text saying that he would get a different job if he didn't have kids, which broke my heart even more. A couple of months later there was a text saying that he and mum were separating, and he was working out child custody.

They aren't divorced yet, I only found out that Imfo a week ago, they hadn't even told us that they are separating yet. They don't know that I know, they are such cowards, they cannot even tell their kids. We all this I still haven't told my twin brother who is living in the shadow I hate.

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