A Selfish "Mother"

by Austin

My story started about 8 years ago. I'm 14 now just to give you some context. I used to live in a large 3 story house with my father being a pastor and my mother being a manager at McDonalds.

One summer we decided to go to Flordia for my parents 13th year of being married. With mom just recovering from giving birth to my little brother and since my dad losing his job, well it's an understatement to say that tensions were high. So we went for about a week. There were a couple fights which was expected but the trip wasn't going as planned at all. The night before we left I saw my dad out on the beach in a chair looking out into the sea. I went out to sit next to him and he told me a sentence that echoes in my head to this day, "son, I think this is the last trip we're taking".

Now as a little kid I had no idea what that really meant. I thought we just weren't going on vacation anymore but boy was I wrong. The next day we went home and all seemed fine. The next day nothing out of the usual happened besides the usual fight that resulted in my dad sleeping on the couch. When I woke up, I woke up to a panicked mother telling me to get up and to go he tin the car. Me being the mindless kid I was I did what she said. On my way to the car I saw my grandpa, my uncle, and my aunt. I waited a few moments and then I saw my mother storming out the front door. My father appeared soon after covers in tears, looking as if someone had psyichally broke his heart. He screamed something out to my mother but she just got into the car. "Whose going to take care of dad?" I said as we pulled out of the driveway.

She didn't answer so I later down and woke up at my grandpas house. I was in one of the rooms in the basement and as I went upstairs I asked what happened this morning. My mom looked at me and said "I just needed a break, don't worry we'll go home in a couple weeks". Two weeks past and I asked her when we're going home then said "in a month or two". 3 months later I asked her when we're going home she relied with "during Christmas". Christmas came around so I asked again, "at the end of the school year" she said.

I was too naive and young to relize what was going on but when the end of the school year came around sure enough I asked and she finally stops of with the leis and said "we're never going back".

During that summer she set up some dinners with my father which was nice but I still missed him so much. That summer I wa sable to go down for my birthday but by then he had to move into a much smaller rental house and was now living on unemployment. Yet he still bought me the gift I wanted. So I was starting to get used to the way of things until my little brothers first birthday came around. She didn't even let my dad speak to him on the phone. I still hate her for that.

So a coulee years passed and in those two years I developed anger management issues but began finding a way to cope with the pain through video games and playing Pokemon. I it didn't help that as learned more about the divorce al lithe signs showed that my mom was a selfish witch. These two years were the forming of me being sensitive and becoming more and more suceceptable to my anger. I started asking my mom if I could live with my father now that he was off unemployment and could provide. She said no until in the summer she said yes. It was an amazing feeling.

So I moved in with my dad and he lit was my sad excuse of a mother kept dark. And so my anger grew with my knowledge of what had happened. So a year passed and my elder sister who was two years older than I started showing signs that my mom had convinced her that her motives for leaving were completely justified. She argued that since she's our mother that we should treat her so, I argued that no mother of mine would do that to me. It was turning into a war. My dad was convinced that I shouldn't still see my mom regardless of what she's done. He still loved her.

So I went and then she introduced me to her boyfriend named John. We defiantly didn't hit it off and I instantly had hate towards him. Fast forward to the present and I still have anger issues, my mom kicked my sister out of the house to live with my dad after she found her chewing tobacco, drinking, and having sex. My little brother who is now seven still lives with my mom but he wants to move as soon as legally possible. My dad had a friend and the last thing he told my dad was, "she's gonna regret what's she's done".

She's chose her new family over me and my sister. Me and her both have cut ties with our "mother" for good. I told her "it's either me, or John" she chose John.

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